What is Burner Mailbox?

Burner Mailbox is an easy-to-use disposable email service. As the name portrays, Burner Mailbox allows users to create temporary email addresses and receive emails through it, and burn it after their work is done. This service is also known as temporary email, disposable email, temp mailbox, throwaway email, email burner, burner email or temp mail. Burner Mailbox is an ideal service for you to use if you want to create a temporary email address without the hassle of creating a separate email account. Unlike a lot of other disposable email sites, Burner Mailbox makes it easy to access your emails at a later time (up to a month). It is designed to ensure that only you have access to your private information.

How do I use Burner Mailbox?

Using Burner Mailbox is incredibly simple. To create a disposable email account, simply enter your desired username in the temporary email creation interface, and choose your desired domain. Then, you just hit ‘Create’ and voila, your new disposable email account is up and ready to go!

To access your temporary emails, simply head over to the ‘Mailbox’ tab to retrieve all your emails. You can access your emails for one month after they’ve been received, after which, they’re deleted. Burner Mailbox ensures that no one, including Burner Mailbox, can access your personal data in your temporary email. 

Why should you use a temporary email service?

There are many reasons why you might want to look into opening a disposable email address, but here are some of the most popular reasons the users at Burner Mailbox opened their burner mail accounts. 

  1. Multiple Account Creation: Using a temporary mail, you can easily create multiple accounts on several different sites whilst skipping the complicated process of opening a separate email account using an email service provider like Gmail. 
  2. Privacy and Security: Worried about your data getting stolen on a random website? Use a temporary email service to ensure you only use your main email address for websites you frequently visit.
  3. Testing and Verification: If you have a web application or software that you need to test-run, use a temporary email service to create new disposable emails for testing every aspect of your program for different users.
  4. Avoiding spam messages: Almost every internet-based service that we sign up to these days seems to have an endless amount of promotional mail to clog our emails with. Using a temporary email can help keep our inbox clean whilst still giving us access to these services.
  5. Reduced Risk of Data Breaches: By using temporary email addresses, you have less chance of your personal information being exposed in a data breach. Since these addresses are not directly linked to your personal identity, it limits the potential damage that can occur if a service you signed up for experiences a security breach.

Is Burner Mailbox safe?

Yes! The team here at Burner Mailbox is dedicated towards making Burner Mailbox as safe as possible and ensuring that your data stays safe and only you can access it.

Are temporary emails legal?

100% legal. Using a temporary email is absolutely legal to use anywhere at anytime, and there is no harm in using a disposable email to keep your internet information safe and private.